Lovable Lottie Children’s Book Series


The Lovable Lottie Children’s Book Series by Asia Upward

I knocked on the Orchard door while photographing a cookbook for The Blackheath School. We needed Sam’s apples for the front cover and I was keen to see the place for myself and make sure we got the best looking apples for my photo.

When Sam and I met the sparks instantly flew and this place soon became my home as well. Now we have a daughter (Grace) and a menagerie of animals, which I have brought in along the years. We wanted Grace to have a rich upbringing filled with experience and caring for animals as well as land and space to play.

When Grace was first born I would walk her through the Orchard on my usual routine of feeding the chickens and alpacas. We’d sit watching the sunset and I would be in awe every night of how beautiful and picturesque this place was. It was something straight out of a disney movie. Each season was special in it’s own way. Not long after we ended up with Lottie and watching her navigate the Orchard and learning to bond with the animals she was destined to protect was hysterical.

I had already published two books with New Holland so it was not a crazy idea for me to produce a children’s book featuring the Orchard and my animals and the real life events that happened in our day to day (just styled a little more). I wanted to share the magic with not only my daughter but children everywhere. Your imagination can take you anywhere.

The first book in the series is called Lovable Lottie & The Lost Toy (printed 2018)

the second book in the series is called Lovable Lottie & The Shy Sheep (release date October 2019)

Lovable Lottie and The Shy Sheep - Book Trailer

Lovable Lottie and The Lost Toy - Book Trailer